Organic cosmetics backed by powerful formulations with
state-of-the-art active ingredients, based on the Stem Cells of the Calanthe Discolor Orchid.

Powerful cellular regenerator, of Asian origin, that enhances the skin's rejuvenating capacities, renewing the tissues from the inside.

Managing to stop premature aging, opening the angle of the gaze, restoring vitality and luminosity to the skin, while redefining the facial oval and achieving a lifting effect. Unique formulas and textures for maximum product effectiveness.


I have been a professional Make-up and Hair Stylist for 25 years. I work with the best brands (Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Verino, Tommy Hilfiger), the most recognized magazines (Vanity Fair Spain, Elle, Vogue) and on the most successful shows (La Voz, MasterChef Celebrity, El Hormiguero, Mi casa es la tuya). I have worked on celebrities like Pilar Rubio, Eva Gonzalez, Edurne, Antonio Banderas. This makes me very demanding and careful when choosing the
products I work with, everything has to be perfect. When I started using Myokō products, I quickly noticed their effects: the skin was much more hydrated and with an ideal luminosity. The skin is juicy and radiant. Of course, the BEAUTY GLOW line has fascinated me, it has become one of my essentials that I always carry in my briefcase.

@Estefania Andrades

I love the philosophy and values behind Myokō. They are very high-quality products that do their job to perfection. I am a professional Make-up artist. I have worked in events such as the New York Fashion Week, Men's Health, RTVE campaigns. My work requires taking care of my clients’ skin to the maximum. Since I tried Myokō for the first time, it instantly became part of my work kit, as well as my own personal routine.

I notice my skin more hydrated, luminous and smooth. The light, non-greasy and easily absorbed textures make it a very pleasant experience. Your skin takes on a new life.

It is certainly a safe bet. 


MYOKŌ is Smart Cosmetics, it offers a range of neurocosmetics, based on the connection between the nervous system and the skin, delaying the effect of the passage of time. Treatments capable of recognizing the needs of each skin type, acting precisely in each area providing the necessary dose.

These results are achieved thanks to the scientific studies carried out and the incorporation in the formulations of innovative organic and natural active ingredients, which not only take care of the skin but also stimulate the nervous system, fulfilling a double function. Provide well-being and effectiveness on the skin with the best results.



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