Understanding the origins of the rituals consists of understanding the fusion of wisely combined natural ingredients and their transformation into one.

A luxurious art, which involves a skillful use of valuable nourishing ingredients, practices and methodologies to purify the skin, mixing disparate natural elements whose purpose is to provide the skin with all the necessary properties to stop aging, slow down and stop the changes it undergoes with the passage of time.

The "essence" in this philosophy is the property that makes an entity what it is. This philosophy applied to skincare, creates a vital union that MYOKŌ has captured in its different rituals, showing its natural and organic soul.

After having developed an exclusive formulation with an exquisite and meticulous selection of active ingredients, under a concept of transversality and modernization, MYOKŌ has created a synergy that imbues organic nature and luxury, to all its products to provide the best results.

MYOKŌ Beauty Rituals represent passion and wisdom concentrated in an exclusive approach to skin care and beauty. All of them with a common and main active ingredient carefully chosen for its great regenerative power. Calanthe Orchid Stem Cells.