Myokō is a sensory experience. It is born from a thought of organic, natural, ecological, sustainable and responsible beauty, committed to the environment and sustainability. It is a commitment to the present and the future, firm and effective, for health and beauty, with the greatest consideration for nature. 

It presents a high-end cosmetic line based on Orchid Stem Cells, an avant-garde active ingredient that provides deep cell regeneration. A pure cosmetic free of harmful chemical ingredients for the skin, with 100% active ingredients, of which a high percentage are of organic origin. 

Its products are BIO, HALAL, NATURAL and VEGAN certified. They concentrate all the power of nature thanks to ultra-effective active ingredients, which the body synthesizes with the skin's metabolism, taking advantage of all its properties, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and respecting the balance of the skin, strengthening it and returning it to its natural state, preventing it from premature aging. 

Myokō's treatments are designed thanks to studies that have evolved under exhaustive research and development treatises; based on the cohesion of the wisdom of the legacy of ancestral cultures and the modernization offered by the most advanced Techno-biology and scientific innovation, with LAST GENERATION ASSETS, achieving HIGHEST QUALITY results in all its products reaching excellence to combat the premature aging of the skin. All this, carried out by a multidisciplinary team of qualified experts in the fields of chemistry, pharmacy and biotechnology; at the forefront of the latest discoveries of active principles and scientific rigor, who are committed to intelligent cosmetics, combining the best of technology with the best of nature and uniting their knowledge with a common goal; caring for and pampering the skin, bringing it health. 

Myokō's organic cosmetics is endorsed by Acene, an entity that exclusively certifies cosmetics with a unique natural composition and certified organic percentage. In addition, each of its products complies with the regulations and requirements established by the EU, complying with one of the strictest regulatory standards in the world, as established by Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council on cosmetic products, associated with an individual registration and verification number. 

From the reception of the raw material to its total transformation, Myokō demands that all the protocols under the ISO 22716 standard are strictly complied with, to GUARANTEE GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES, thus achieving, not breaking the production chain and guaranteeing that the products are EFFECTIVE, OF QUALITY AND INSURANCE, thus safeguarding the commitment and seriousness of the firm.