The key factor to efficiently combat aging lies in the constant renewal and repair of tissues carried out by stem cells, so any decrease in the activity of these cells will significantly accelerate the cellular aging process. Consequently, treatments that act at this level are the most effective in achieving deep rejuvenation.

Orchid Stem Cells activate communication between adipose tissue stem cells, which stimulates the production of a secretome rich in growth factors. This secretome is the means of communication that facilitates stem cells reaching fibroblasts, stimulating them to synthesize collagen and elastin, basic pillars of skin rejuvenation since collagen confers resistance and elastin is responsible for giving elasticity to tissues, resulting in a global rejuvenating effect that firms the skin, fights wrinkles and restores the radiance of youthful skin.

Several IN VITRO tests were carried out to check the cellular communication between the Orchid Stem Cells, obtaining as a result:

- Increased production of growth factors. TGF-beta1 increased by 50%.

- Increase in fibronectin and alpha4 integrin, essential for collagen.

- Increased production of collagen and elastin by fibroblasts, 53% and 81%, respectively.

- Increased proliferation and migration of fibroblasts, 220% and 144%, respectively.


An increase in fibroblast migration is clearly observed with the use of Orchid Stem Cells.


After having carried out the IN VIVO TEST, the results obtained were the following:

FIRMING EFFECT: improved definition of the facial contour by 11% compared to placebo in 14 days


In blue, the lifting effect of volume reduction and firming is appreciated.


UPPER EYELID LIFTING EFFECT: With age, the levator eyelid muscle weakens, and the eye appears more closed, giving an aged and tired appearance. Orchid Stem Cells provide an upper eyelid lifting effect, restoring a more open-eyed appearance for a renewed effect (7.6% vs. Placebo).


The lifting and opening effect of the eye is quantified by the VECTRA SYSTEM with the use of Orchid stem cells.


RECOVERY OF FIRMNESS AND ELASTICITY: Improves firmness (17%), elasticity (10%) and revives the complexion with a youthful glow (13.7%), recovering the luminosity it had 14 years ago.



WRINKLE REDUCTION: Improvement in both the forehead and cheek areas in the number of wrinkles (15%) and in the wrinkles area (12%).

The use of Orchid Stem Cells reduces both the number of visible wrinkles: Number of wrinkles (vs placebo)


Like the area that these wrinkles occupy:


Clinical evaluation of the eyelid lifting effect and wrinkles

Visual confirmation by an expert dermatologist, both of the eyelid lifting effect and the reduction of wrinkles, indicates that the anti-aging activity of Orchid Stem Cells is appreciable and recognizable.

To evaluate wrinkles, a scale of degrees based on photographic evaluation was used, following one of the most complete and recent systems, that of the Japanese Cosmetic Industry Association. It consists of a scale of 8 degrees, and each one is associated with a photo, as shown in the image:



Regarding the eyelids, the scale of the Journal of American Medical is used as reference.


Myokō has opted for Orchid Stem Cells, as a multifunctional active principle, being the basis in its formulas to provide the skin with the maximum regenerative capacity that helps to reverse the symptoms of aging.