Myokō with its Infinity Care Ritual, strengthens and creates a legacy of richness, sumptuousness and purification, pampering our senses, relieving stress and defying ageing in previously unimaginable ways.

From the age of 60 onwards, we are faced with extremely dry skin all over the face, deep wrinkles, sagging and drooping of the facial contours, significant loss of collagen and elastin, as well as severe expression lines.

To develop Infinity Care Ritual, at MYOKŌ we stopped to think about how we could meet the needs of the skin at this stage of life.

After numerous studies in R&D, we discovered that the first sign that can be seen before the first signs of aging appear is the lack of brightness and light in the skin, caused by the decrease in the number of fibroblasts, which are the cells that drive the circulation and are responsible for bringing nutrients to the dermis to improve its quality. In this way, when the cells have sufficient oxygen and vitamins, the skin is healthy and radiant.

From this pyramidal base, MYOKŌ creates a rich, nourishing ritual that combines complex, non-heavy textures that are easily absorbed. So that when applied, the skin has a sensation of well-being. A ritual that first works on radiance, complemented with tightening, renewing and regenerating active ingredients (lifting, botox). An ultra-global ritual capable of covering precisely what the skin requires at this stage of life.


Infinity Care Ritual acts on the following actions:

  • Hydro-nutritive action
  • Firming
  • Elasticity
  • Beauty booster
  • Botox like
  • Cell regeneration
  • Anti free radicals
  • Lifting effect
  • Reduction of puffiness and dark circles under the eyes
  • Anti-blemishes
  • Biomimetic wrinkles
  • Oxidative anti-stress
  • Gravitational anti-wrinkle action


How should the treatments be combined?

In the morning

STEP 1: Cleanse the skin with Micellar Detox. Deep cleanses, detoxifies and prevents ageing. More elastic, firm and luminous skin.

STEP 2: Apply Eye Contour & Expression Lines, serum with Lifting Effect for the eye contour and expression lines. Reduces wrinkles. Reduces puffiness and dark circles.

STEP 3: Mix in the palm of your hand a dose of Booster Intensive Cells, youth accelerator. Anti-wrinkle Lifting Effect and one dose of Booster Energy Cells, a revitalizing booster. Apply the mixture and both products will work in synergy offering a spectacular result to the skin as all the multifunctional active ingredients will work at the same time.

STEP 4: Intensive Global Cream Treatment, triple action: plumps, redefines, remodels. Redensifying renewal cream with global effect


At night

STEP 1: Cleanse skin with Micellar Detox, remove impurities accumulated during the day.

STEP 2: Apply Eye Contour & Expression Lines, massaging into the nasolabial folds and forehead. Bags and dark circles under the eyes gradually disappear.

STEP 3: Apply Booster Intensive Cells. Youth accelerator. Lifting effect.

STEP 4: Intensive Global Cream Treatment, triple action cream: fills, redefines and remodels. Global effect.