MYOKŌ through its four Certifications Bio, Nat and Vegan from ACENE and the Halal Certification of the Halal Institute, represents a trustworthy, verifiable and internationally applicable benchmark. It guarantees a true practice of respect for the environment throughout the entire production chain, respect for the consumer and a appreciation for natural substances of superior ecological quality.

We are increasingly aware of the advantages of consuming organic products, both for our health and for the conservation of the environment.


The BIO Certification of ACENE, bio cosmetics or organic cosmetics refers to all those cosmetic products that are 99% composed of natural ingredients of plant origin and also have a minimum of 22% of ingredients originating from organic crops, which means , they have been produced according to the European Regulations for this type of products, therefore, the following are not used in their preparation:

• Pesticides
• Chemical fertilizers
• Silicones
• Paraffins and other petroleum derivatives
• Synthetic dyes
• Synthetic perfumes
• Ethoxylated products

Products that are highly harmful to the environment and health.


ACENE NAT Certified products are those in which 100% of the ingredients are of natural origin. Under no circumstances are raw materials, products or by-products that have been tested on animals accepted.


The ACENE Vegan Certification means that the formulation of a product is of vegetable origin and does not contain any product or by-product of animal origin and of course it has not been tested on animals. In addition, to comply with the Vegan certificate, it is mandatory to execute the ACENE / NAT or ACENE / BIO.


The Halal Certification is the Muslim certification that guarantees that both the product and all its ingredients are allowed, and therefore, are beneficial and healthy for the human being, promoting an improvement in the quality of life and the reduction of health risks. It could be translated as authorized, recommended, healthy, ethical or non-abusive.