Skincare overload. Have you heard of it?

Yes, there is such a thing as TOO MUCH skincare.

As skincare lovers sometimes we lose count of how many times we buy new skincare products, and very often we stop using a product after a couple of weeks of use after noticing our skin becoming red, flaky, uneven and dull. If that has not happened before you might think your skin has become sensitive, but that is typically not the case, your skin might just be overloaded.

 Your skincare routine does not have to be intricate, unless you have a skin condition diagnosed by your dermatologist that requires a specific treatment. Also, make sure that you are not combining active ingredients that might not work well together, like retinols and acids, which may cause visibly painful irritation.

That is why at MYOKŌ we believe in good quality products that work, that are effective and treat our skin in the most delicate manner. No harsh chemicals or parabens, and simply the best organic and natural active ingredients that will take your skin back to its youthful, glowing and original state. The routine we recommend is very simple: