Have oily skin? You must still moisturize.

Contrary to popular belief, you must moisturize when you have oily skin. And NO, it won’t make it oilier.

We have all heard from someone who has oily skin that they do not use any moisturizers as they believe it will make their skin even oilier. That is the biggest lie humans have been spreading since the flat earth. By better understanding our skin’s biology, we can treat it the right way. And daily moisturizing is crucial for our skin, regardless of skin type.

Hydration vs. Oil are often mistaken with one another. Skin oil is a waxy substance, called sebum, that is secreted by the sebaceous glands to help protect the barrier function of the skin. Skin Hydration is the ability of the skin to absorb and maintain water into its layers, called epidermis and dermis, which helps the skin to maintain its plumpness, glow and elasticity. So, having oily skin does not mean that your skin is hydrated. Moreover, if the only step you take with your skincare is cleansing, you are stripping away those oils which actually promotes the loss of moisture in your skin, and the skin counteracts by producing even more oil. It is a never-ending cycle. 

What you should do instead, is finding the right moisturizer for your skin type, here at MYOKŌ we have the perfect solution, our ENERGIZING DETOX CREAM, keeps your skin hydrated and protected, while also controlling the production of oil.