Do you use Booster every day in your beauty routine?

Be careful, don't make these 10 mistakes.

Are you wasting the richness of your formula through poor application? Find out among these frequent failures in its use.

The Booster has become an essential part of the beauty routine, especially for skin that is beginning to show the first signs of aging. There are numerous Boosters depending on the needs of each skin. Myokō has developed two powerful formulations: the BOOSTER ENERGY CELLS to provide the skin with firmness and achieve a revitalized and full of energy skin, and the BOOSTER INTENSIVE CELLS, which will achieve a lifting effect with a smoothing of the skin providing a younger looking skin.
Are you making the most of its potential? Are you wasting the richness of your formula through poor application?
Check it out by reviewing these TEN MISTAKES that could be preventing your Booster from giving you the results you expected.

Apply it in the wrong order
When is the Booster applied? It should be done after cleansing the skin and before moisturizing cream or eye contour. In the event that you usually use toner after facial cleansing to balance the PH of the skin, it will be after this when you should apply the Booster.

Not cleaning the skin well
The Booster is a cosmetic that is characterized by a high concentration of active ingredients and a light texture that favors the rapid penetration of these ingredients into the deep layers of the skin. Although you may be applying the Booster in the correct order, after cleansing the skin, it is possible that it is deficient and remains of dirt or, more commonly, makeup. This hinders the penetration of active ingredients, thus preventing the visible and faster results provided by these products (BOOSTER ENERGY CELLS AND BOOSTER INTENSIVE CELLS).
In order not to waste its potential, we recommend double cleansing your skin before applying the Booster, especially in your night routine and if you have worn makeup during the day.

Apply too little or too much
As a general rule, a very small amount of Booster is needed to cover the face since it is a product with a very light texture and it spreads enormously. Precisely for this reason it is quite easy to overdo it. In addition, since its formula is concentrated and normally contains up to three times as many active ingredients as a normal cosmetic, the sufficient standard amount would be the equivalent of a pea.

Think it replaces moisturizer
The Booster is a highly concentrated cosmetic that works and acts independently from the moisturizing cream, with its specific characteristics in each case. penetrating into the deepest layers. But we must not confuse that the moisturizer will have and will provide the skin with other properties that our skin needs to combat premature aging. Both treatments work in synergy, enhancing the results, but in no case are they substitutes.

Don't wait for it to absorb
Although the Booster has a light texture and is quickly absorbed, you need to make sure that it is completely absorbed before applying the next step of the routine. Otherwise, you could interfere with the action of this cosmetic and prevent it from being as effective as it should be.

Not wearing sunscreen
The Booster does not replace sun protection, its functionality is different, in relation to the chosen Booster. As usual, we must apply a product with SPF 50 after our moisturizer as the last step of the beauty routine.

Forget the neck area
As is recommended with the moisturizing cream, the Booster is also applied to the neck area, after having properly cleaned it at the same time as the skin, in order to benefit from all the Booster's action in all areas.

Leave the container open
Some active ingredients such as vitamin C lose their effectiveness in contact with air or light, so the most interesting formulations are those that are presented, as in Myokō, in hermetic and opaque containers in the case of Boosters, which help preserve these ingredients. . If this is not the case, leaving the container open for several minutes every day could reduce the effectiveness of the formula. For this reason, we recommend you apply the necessary amount on the palm of your hand and immediately close the container until the next use.

Use the applicator directly on the skin
It is not recommended that the Booster dispenser comes into direct contact with the skin. Since the most powerful formulas are more sensitive to external agents and we shouldn't contaminate them in this way.

Not being regular in its use
Using the Booster sporadically will prevent us from seeing results on the skin.