Calanthe Discolor Orchid Stem Cells

Stem cells from the Calanthe Discolor Orchid, the unknown active ingredient in new generation creams and the main active ingredient in the entire formulation of MYOKŌ products.

With a powerful 'lifting' effect, it is the new ingredient in cosmetics. A "New Era" has arrived.

As time goes by, the skin ages, reflecting in a progressive loss of elasticity, firmness and luminosity. From the age of 40, the first lines of expression and wrinkles appear on the face. From that moment on, the skin barrier begins to weaken faster and faster, while cell renewal slows down. This leads us to strive more and more to find effective solutions within the field of cosmetics. For this reason, MYOKŌ has focused all its strength on researching anti-aging active ingredients with regenerating action and antioxidant properties that help reduce these signs of aging. , finding the solution in nature. Through plants we get important benefits for the skin. Specifically, from its roots and shoots we can extract one of the essential anti-aging active ingredients for your beauty routine, plant stem cells, essential for their ability to repair and promote cell renewal.

Given its great potential, Calanthe Discolor Orchid stem cells are capable of protecting our cells from premature aging of the skin while providing greater renewal and a source of active ingredients to the skin that improve the firmness and density of the face, erasing the signs of the passage of time.

Oxidative stress or sun exposure are some of the causes that negatively influence the cellular aging process, damaging the stem cells responsible for skin renewal and regeneration (epidermal stem cells). For this reason, Calanthe Discolor Orchid stem cells offer an effective solution to one of the main problems of aging, the decrease in cell renewal capacity.

And it is that, these Calanthe Discolor Orchid stem cells are capable of preventing cellular oxidation, which helps to delay the appearance of the symptoms of aging; while increasing cell proliferation and protecting the skin's DNA and proteins. Also thanks to its multiple properties, they reduce the appearance of wrinkles and their depth, providing smoother, nourished and younger skin.

 In your beauty routine you cannot miss effective and quality cosmetics like the ones that MYOKŌ provides you.

 Because it is never too early to incorporate products that include Calanthe Discolor Orchid stem cells in their highest concentration in their formulation.