Calanthe Orchid Stem Cells 

They activate communication between adipose tissue cells and fibroblasts to reactivate their rejuvenating activity by providing a greater expression of essential genes in the maintenance of the extracellular matrix of the skin, they increase the production of collagen and elastin and increase the regenerative potential of fibroblasts. This results in an overall lifting effect and recovery of firmness and elasticity of the skin.

According to in-lab tests performed In-Vivo and Placebo, Calanthe Orchid Stem Cells have shown the following results*

+ 17% Firmness | + 10% Elasticity | + 13.7% Radiance | + 8.3% Eyelid Opening | - 15% Wrinkles

*After 56 days of treatment with a sample of 44 women aged between 42-65 years. With 2 daily applications.


Rye Seeds (Natural Botox)

Latest generation biomechanical active ingredient that helps the skin to regain elasticity, maintaining its integrity and improving its tone. Firming, Anti-gravity and anti-wrinkle, adheres to the fibrous network and tones and gives resistance to the skin. Active ingredient specifically developed to reduce the depth of wrinkles on the face caused by the contraction of the muscles during facial expressions. Rye promotes the skin’s response to mechanical tension. The skin returns faster to its natural state hence why the wrinkle does not have enough time to form.

The in-lab test results* show

+ 61% Recovery of contraction ability

* After 15 days of treatment with a sample of 50 women aged between 45-65 years. With 2 daily applications.


Marine Ferments from the Indian Ocean

Probiotic. Flash tensioning efficiency. Marine active ingredient that maintains the longevity of the cells, providing greater firmness and elasticity to the skin, prevents sagging, reduces the depth of wrinkles and increases luminosity of the skin. Provides a lifting effect to the skin.

The results* obtained during in-lab test were

+ 13.3% Elasticity | + 11.4% Firmness | - 13% Wrinkle Depth | + 10% Luminosity | +14,2% Hydration

* After 28 days of treatment with women aged between 35-45 years. With 2 daily applications.

Red Algae

Anti-wrinkle, lifting protective tensioner. Latest generation bio-mimetic active ingredient that forms a resistant, flexible and non-occlusive film on the skin, acting as a protective barrier over it. At the same time, it has a visible tightening effect, demonstrating its smoothing and anti-wrinkle efficacy, obtaining a more radiant complexion.

The results* obtained during in-lab test were:

+ 78% Tightening Effect I + 63% Improvement of facial contour

* After 14 days of treatment with a sample of 136 women aged 40-55 years. With 2 daily applications.

+ 77% More radiant complexion I - 73% Reduction of Pores

* After 14 days of treatment with a sample of 134 women aged 30-55 years. With 2 daily applications.

Full list

Aloe barbadensis leaf juice*, Glycerin, Hammamelis virginiana water*, Rosa damascena flower water*, Celullose gum, Benzyl alcohol, Tocopheryl acetate, Enteromorpha compressa extract, Pentylene glycol, Calanthe discolor extract, Secale cereal (Rye) seed extract, Benzoic  acid, Dehydroacetic acid, Caesalpinia spinosa fruit extract, Sorbic acid, Caesalpinia spinosa gum, Perfum, Kappaphycus alvarezii extract,  Xhantan gum.