Please STAY AWAY from face wipes.

If you haven’t heard yet, we’re here to remind you, throw those wipes away!

Our title has made it quite clear that face wipes are not good, but why is it that they are so damaging? Not only are they terrible for the environment and cause around 93% of sewer blockages, as 9.3 million of them are flushed down toilets on a daily basis, but also, they are very damaging to the skin.

We understand how convenient wipes can be, but the environmental damage is accompanied by not many good attributes. Face wipes do not actually clean your skin, they do not perform as well as a dedicated facial cleanser or micellar water. They often leave behind dirt and oils which eventually cause clogged pores, irritation and breakouts.

By rubbing one’s skin with a cloth you are causing a physical exfoliation, and you should never exfoliate daily, much less physically. That slight redness on your skin right after using a face wipe is serious bad news for your skin, it increases the chance of developing rosacea and premature aging and wrinkles. Our team at MYOKŌ has the perfect solution for you. Simply dab our MICELLAR DETOX with a soaked cotton pad and gently massage your face until the cotton pads come out clear, and there you have it, beautiful, properly cleansed skin, prepped for your skincare routine.