Step 1: Use in the morning and at night to cleanse and refresh the skin. Soak a cotton pad with Micellar Detox. Apply to face, neck and lips. Repeat as many times as necessary with another cotton pad, until all impurities have been removed. Next, work the eyelids and eyelash area, leaving the cotton impregnated with the product to act for a few seconds on the eyelashes. This way you will obtain a clean and healthy skin, ready to apply the desired treatment.

Step 2: Apply to clean skin, a small amount of Eye Contour & Expression Lines on the fingertips. Spread the product around the eye contour (including the eyelids), the naso-genian area, the upper lip and the forehead, using light tapping until it has completely penetrated the skin.

Step 3: The Booster Energy Cells can be applied alone or added to your moisturizer. Its light, non-greasy texture absorbs quickly. If you use it with your cream, work the mixture until you get a uniform formula in the palm of your hand. It is then applied to the face and neck as a regular moisturizer, until completely absorbed, exerting slight pressure so that all the ingredients penetrate correctly, and movements upwards to avoid aging as much as possible.


Step 4: Apply the Energizing Detox Cream to five spots on the face and gently spread from the center outwards. Apply gently, smoothing along the contour towards the hairline; make gentle tapping with your fingertips all over the face, paying special attention to the areas most prone to wrinkles.